Planning permission is being sought for two data centre buildings, shown on the map above.

These buildings (containing data halls, associated electrical and plant rooms, loading bay and storage space, office administration areas and screened plant at roof level) will also include emergency generators, diesel tanks and filling area, electrical switch room, water sprinkler pump room and storage tank, a gate house/ security building, site access, internal access road, plus hard standing and soft landscaping.

The submission will be referred to as a hybrid application which seeks both full (detailed) and outline planning consent. This approach comprises the following:
• Full planning permission for site access on Milton Road and data centre 1 with back-up generators, guard house and sprinkler pump house. It will also include site infrastructure associated with data centre 1 and 2 including attenuation ponds, internal roads,
security facilities, 33kv switch room, temporary substation, landscaping and bunds
as well as secure perimeter fencing and landscape treatment to the entire site.
• Outline planning permission for data centre 2 with back-up generators and Internal roads surrounding that building. Details of appearance will be reserved, along with
details of hard landscaping immediately around the building and will be the
subject of a later detailed application.

The height of data centre 1 will be 12 metres with generator flues going up to 15 metres. Data centre 2 will be 21.5 metres high with generator flues taking it to 30 metres. These buildings will be considerably less intrusive than the previous power station that once occupied the site.

The western end of the two data centres between the planned Science Bridge and Building 2 is also part of the planning application red line. This land is reserved for potential future data centre development.