Elevation of Unit 2 as seen from Milton Road

Landscape proposals are designed as an integral part of the proposed development.
Many trees were removed under the landowner’s enabling works which cleared the site.

Native landscaping and tree planting throughout the site will create new biodiversity and habitats, particularly for bats, birds and invertebrates. There will also be wildflower planting. The development is set back from Milton Road to allow for a landscape buffer and to safeguard land along the Milton Road frontage, this may be adopted by OCC in order to implement a cycle/footway as part of their ongoing plans in this area.

A new access point will be created on Milton Road. A cycle path and pedestrian crossing point will be provided for those travelling along Milton Road.

During construction there will be an agreed Construction Traffic Plan directing traffic, especially HGVs and LGVs, from the A34, onto the A4130 and then to Milton Road so that Sutton Courtenay is avoided.

The site will include 89 car parking spaces with 10% provided with electric vehicle charging
points (all will be future proofed). Cycle parking will be secure and sheltered with lockers and a changing area.